A new category, I think!

But before I start, I know its been ages once again, oh I had great intentions when I first started this,  a blog a day and all that, well that didn’t happen obviously!… Continue reading

Too long!

Hey sorry its been nearly a month, but lifes been hectic. Garden is now finished, but photos not updated, will try and do so soon. At the moment it looks like a nursery… Continue reading


The old mans still upstairs snoring,  its now 8.am sunday 26th april, and I am still the only one up. Put the washing on that they forgot to do last night, we have… Continue reading


Lets learn the art of toy-making. What am I? Can you tell what it is yet? Til next time Julie

Spring in my garden

Cherry blossom is so pretty,  Thought I’d share this instead of steptoes yard at the other end. But it is taking shape! Now for the patio Til next time Julie


Throw open the doors and let the sunshine in! This is more like it , the birds are singing, the frogs are croaking and people are smiling, the sun must be shining! Let… Continue reading

A lick of paint does the job!

A new woodshed,  from the old, amazing what a few coats of shed paint from WICKES BUILDING SUPPLIES can do! We used the colour wild sage  Next step shed 3, howzat! 2.5 sheds… Continue reading

One minute it was there, then it was gone,

Hey remember shed two, Well its no longer, another one bites the dust! As you can see we made a mess! Now to start the rebuild again, if you look carefully you may… Continue reading


Katie has a new project, It all started as a crate of bits, oh my god did it take some sorting out. And yes you’ve guessed we forgot to take photos, so our… Continue reading


Now is the time to say goodbye to Alan’s shed, the tornado all appeared after clearing out his shed, men are hoarders no getting away from it, You ask them ” what do… Continue reading